• Soft wheat flour type 00 special pizza with “certificate of fitness” as meeting the requirements set by the official specification for the preparation of the Original Pizza Napoletana. Aroma, taste and crispiness really “verace”. W 250-320P/L  min. 0,60 Rising at 20-25°:18 h

    14,25 €
  • Recommended for the preparation of all types breads that do not require excessively long rising times. It is ideal for mixing with seeds and other ingredients, and it is suitable for bread-making machines. Soft wheat flour Type 00 W 220-250 P/L 0.70-1.00

    1,06 €
  • The essential flour for preparing products that require long rising time. Its characteristics make this flour ideal for giving strength to the dough, ensuring good rising and a higher absorption of liquids. Soft wheat flour Type 0W 330-370P/L 0.50-0.70

    1,23 €
  • Product available with different options

    An easy-to-use flour, recommended for the preparation of pizzas, focaccia, and doughs that require approximately up to 5 hours rising time (at room temperature). Thanks to the selected quality grain, this flour gives great elasticity to the dough and a delicate flavor of corn to the final products. Soft wheat flour Type 0W 250-270P/L 0.50-0.70

    1,11 €
  • Recommended for the preparation of soft sweets, cakes and shortcrust, enhancing the flavor and crispness. Its features facilitate mixing the dough with the ingredients that typically make up the sweets, in particular eggs and butter, also making possible the absorption of a greater quantity of liquid. Soft wheat flour Type 00 W 190-210 P/L 0.50-0.70

    1,01 €