• Soft wheat flour type 00 special pizza with “certificate of fitness” as meeting the requirements set by the official specification for the preparation of the Original Pizza Napoletana. Aroma, taste and crispiness really “verace”. W 250-320P/L  min. 0,60 Rising at 20-25°:18 h

    14,25 €
  • Product available with different options

    Flour with excellent bread-making qualities ideal for the replacement of the traditional “type 00” and “0” flours in those preparations that need medium rising times. This flour is also ideal for preparations that require long soaking times in cell, during the rising phase.With the addition of wheat germ.

    1,58 €
  • Recommended for the preparation of all types of fresh and filled pasta when you need an easy to roll dough, either manually or by machine, that maintains the natural yellow coloration given by the eggs. This flour is also recommended for the preparation of traditional italian “piadina”. Soft wheat flour Type 00 W 200-220 P/L 0.50-0.90

    1,12 €
  • Recommended for the preparation of all types breads that do not require excessively long rising times. It is ideal for mixing with seeds and other ingredients, and it is suitable for bread-making machines. Soft wheat flour Type 00 W 220-250 P/L 0.70-1.00

    1,06 €
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