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  • An easy-to-use flour, recommended for the preparation of pizzas, focaccia, and doughs that require approximately up to 5 hours rising time (at room temperature). Thanks to the selected quality grain, this flour gives great elasticity to the dough and a delicate flavor of corn to the final products. Soft wheat flour Type 0W 250-270P/L 0.50-0.70

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  • Special flour specifically created to facilitate the rolling of the dough and to prevent the dough from sticking to the plan. It does not produce any dust and it helps to make the product more fragrant. Soft wheat flour Type 00

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  • Semolina flour from durum wheat for professional use.

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  • Soft wheat flour type 00 special pizza with “certificate of fitness” as meeting the requirements set by the official specification for the preparation of the Original Pizza Napoletana. Aroma, taste and crispiness really “verace”. W 250-320P/L  min. 0,60 Rising at 20-25°:18 h

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  • Dietary semi-finished product without gluten. Ingredients: deglutinated wheat starch, dextrose, psyllium fiber, chicory fiber, Thickening agents: (guar gum), yeast extract.

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  • Flour with excellent bread-making qualities ideal for the replacement of the traditional “type 00” and “0” flours in those preparations that need medium rising times. This flour is also ideal for preparations that require long soaking times in cell, during the rising phase.With the addition of wheat germ.

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  • INFIBRA+ is a blend of flours, source of fiber with excellent bread-making qualities, ideal for creating tasty and healthy products enlarging the offer and meeting the needs of the modern consumer. INFIBRA + was developed to maintain unchanged all the components of the grain, and to offer more flavor and better bread-making qualities while obviating the...

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  • For a delicious SPELT & SPELT pizza with an extraordinary mix of cereals, high inprotein and easily digestible. The new INFIBRA SPELT & SPELT flour is a semi-finishedproduct made from spelt flour and natural dried spelt yeast. This mixture makes itpossible to obtain a light, tasty and highly digestible pizza.

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  • For a dark pizza, which is highly digestible, a source of fibre, Omega-3, vitamins andminerals. It is a semi-finished flour mix for pizza with an incredible mix of grains andseeds: type 1 soft wheat flour, rye flour, barley flour, oat flour, sunflower seeds, linseedsand sesame seeds, toasted wheat germ, which is an important vegetable source ofOmega3...

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  • For a tasty pizza with an interesting mix of cereals, fibre, Omega-3, Omega-6 andminerals. The new INFIBRA WHOLE GRAIN SPELT FLOUR is a semi-finished productmade from type 1 soft wheat flour, whole-grain spelt flour, natural dried yeast, toastedwheat germ. The well-balanced dosage of the ingredients for a crispy, tasty pizza, with animportant intake of...

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