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  • Made of grain exclusively from 100% Italian crops. Flour with excellent bread-making qualities ideal for the replacement of the traditional “type 00” and “0” flours in those preparations that require short rising times.With the addition of wheat germ.

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  • INFIBRA+ is a blend of flours, source of fiber with excellent bread-making qualities, ideal for creating tasty and healthy products enlarging the offer and meeting the needs of the modern consumer. INFIBRA + was developed to maintain unchanged all the components of the grain, and to offer more flavor and better bread-making qualities while obviating the...

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  • Semolina flour from durum wheat for professional use.

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  • Ideal for breading any food to be fried as fish, meat, vegetables,etc.Frittodoro prevents the oil absorption, allowing to obtain Always a crisp frying, digestible and light.

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  • Recommended for the preparation of all types of fresh and filled pasta when you need an easy to roll dough, either manually or by machine, that maintains the natural yellow coloration given by the eggs. This flour is also recommended for the preparation of traditional italian “piadina”. Soft wheat flour Type 00 W 200-220 P/L 0.50-0.90

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  • For a delicious SPELT & SPELT pizza with an extraordinary mix of cereals, high inprotein and easily digestible. The new INFIBRA SPELT & SPELT flour is a semi-finishedproduct made from spelt flour and natural dried spelt yeast. This mixture makes itpossible to obtain a light, tasty and highly digestible pizza.

    14,96 €
  • Ideal flour for traditional fresh pasta and filled pasta, for manual or by machine mixing. The high purity of these flours ensures more yellow coloration to fresh pasta. Available in the following types: Fresh PastaW 210-240P/L 0.70-1.2

    21,38 €